Die Heuwel Speelskool

Christian Kindergarten in Calitzdorp

The locality of Calitzdorp
Calitzdorp is a farming village in the Western Cape Province in South Africa, surrounded by large orchards and beautiful mountain ranges that are covered with snow in winter. The village is located about 500 kilometres north east of Cape Town.

The Story

Me Ursula (“Tannie”) Triebe and Me Wilna Cloete
Me Ursula (“Tannie”) Triebe and two of the children
Me Wilna Cloete with some of the children

In 1999 Wilna Cloete and Ursula Triebe began independently with Christian kindergartens around Calitzdorp. From 2011 to 2015, the present-day kindergarten was built with two buildings. The two kindergarten buildings consist of eight classrooms with respective toilets, an office and a kitchen. The Project was funded by equity and donations. Furthermore Marlis Schaper and Elke Zwicker mobilised Ein Herz für Kinder– Bild hilft for the project, who financed a large part. On the first of March 2012 77 children moved into the first new kindergarten building.

Heuwel Trust Foundation
The Elnatan Foundation provided the necessary land for the construction of the kindergarten. Subsequently the Foundation Heuwel Trust was founded. The team consists of Johan Cloete (Founder of the kindergarten), Reenen Barry (Lawyer), Alice Le Roux (Books Auditor) and Klaus Triebe (Chairman).

Organisation of the kindergarten
The kindergarten Heuwel Speelskool begins in summer at 7 am, in winter at 8 am and is open until 4 pm. The children are between 2 and 6 years old. They are transported to 80% by two VW buses, as there is no public transport. The language of instruction is Afrikaans and English. The curriculum is based on Christian principles. The children receive breakfast and lunch in the kindergarten. Presently (September 2016) 220 children are registered. Most children come from underprivileged families and live in simple conditions.

The daily costs of the kindergarten are covered to 70% by the parents and the state. For the rest the kindergarten relies on donations. 

Donations account – Heuwel Trust

Heuwel Trust is a Non-Profit Organisation

Heuwel Trust Registration Nr. IT 1606/2012
Income Tax Reference Nr. 3098/070/16/6

Account owner: Heuwel Trust

Standard Bank Calitzdorp

Universal Standard Bank Code. 051 001

Branch Code 050 014

Account Nr. 280 113 498
Swift Code: SB ZA ZA JJ

Address: Klaus and Ursula Triebe, P.O. Box 161, Calitzdorp 6660

Phone: +27 44 2133 859

Email: dieheuweltrust@gmail.com

Email: elnatanagape@gmail.com